1 August 2011: SlutWalk Delhi

Centre for Social Research, India
Report no.3


My third week here in India was pretty busy! I’m the only native English speaker in the office because my manager is on holiday… which means I’ve been doing a lot of research/writing for all departments. Really enjoying the experience and fast pace of work. It’s pushing me to learn quickly from little hiccups and mistakes every day.

Relations with Partner Organisation

Everything is going well. CSR is already starting to feel like a family to me – it’s a close-knit organisation and there’s no sense of hierarchy. We all tend to muck in with everything that’s going on which creates a really positive atmosphere in the office. Anytime someone works on their own project they present their findings to the rest of the CSR Team on completion. Everybody in the office drops what they are doing to attend these meetings and there is always a lot of interaction (questions, discussions, debate, dancing and singing etc.) because the team are passionate about the issues that CSR deals with.

Work Overview

Last week’s key projects:

Last week Prerna and I put together a blog post about the SlutWalk movement. It was a really interesting little project and I wrote a follow up post yesterday (An Ambitious March With Little Reach, CSR India, 2011).

The CSR Gender Training Institute (GTI) are holding a two-day Human Rights Defenders Training Workshop this week,  so we have all been busy promoting that.

I learned a lot about women in Indian politics in preparation for Director Ranjana’s presentation on the women’s rights in Parliament on Thursday evening. She was one of the keynote speakers addressing the controversial Women’s Reservation Bill at the opening of the Monsoon Session of Parliament. 


I really did work non-stop Monday-Friday last week, although one evening my flatmate and I opted for a change of scenery in a nice little cafe where we ate some really good chocolate cake and sat and researched the Women’s Reservation Bill on our laptops! Natalie is in India to research political speeches.

On Saturday I met some Indian friends for dinner and went to see “The Tree of Life” at the cinema in the evening. (Wouldn’t recommend it!) On Sunday Natalie and I went to check out the SlutWalk Besharmi Morcha in Jantar Mantar – Delhi’s equivalent to Speaker’s Corner. We also ate delicious seafood in the YWCA restaurant nearby, then took a rickshaw to Hauz Khas Village for a bit of shopping (where I picked up a bargain gramophone) before heading home.


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