5 August 2011: Taj Mahal

Centre for Social Research, India
Report no.8


Last week was one of my favourite weeks in India yet. I had an important guest visiting – my mum! She very bravely made the trip over here by herself, arriving on Monday and spending a fun-filled week with me in the madness that is Delhi. At work, most of my time was spent on the latest CSR newsletter.

Work Overview

CIC Visit:  On Tuesday a crowd of us went to Chattarpur CIC in South Delhi. The women and girls gathered for a monthly meeting at which CSR counsellors explained some basic human rights and held a Q&A session. We then ran an art workshop. We asked the women to paint/draw their hopes and dreams for the future. Food and drinks were passed around, and the girls painted beautiful henna patterns on our hands and feet. It was such a special day and one I don’t think I’ll ever forget. All of these women have been through unthinkable traumas in their past, many are still suffering in the present. On Tuesday, however, in that little shaded corner of Chattarpur, after finishing their jobs and household chores, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi life and the hardships they face every day, they were all sitting there smiling and singing – so supportive of each other, and so welcoming of us into their community.

You can find the latest CSR blog entry here: Fear in the City: Ensuring, Not Restricting Women’s Freedom.


My mum and I took the train to Agra at the weekend to see the Taj Mahal. It really is beautiful.


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